makeup make"up`, make-up make"-up`(m[=a]k"[u^]p`), n. 1.

1. The way in which the parts of anything are put together. [1913 Webster]

The unthinking masses are necessarily teleological in their mental make-up. --L. F. Ward. [1913 Webster]

2. The constituent parts of anything; as, the makeup of the new congress was predominantly conservative. [PJC]

3. Cosmetics applied to the face, such as {lipstick}, {facial power}, or {eye shadow}. [PJC]

4. The aggregate of cosmetics and costume worn by an actor. [PJC]

5. The effect or appearance of the wearing of makeup (in senses 3 or 4); often, the way in which an actor is dressed, painted, etc., in personating a character; as, her makeup was very realistic. [PJC]

6. An action that is taken to fulfill a requirement not accomplished at the expected time, such as a make-up examination; as, the student took his make-up on Saturday. [PJC]

7. (Printing) The appearance of a page of a publication, specifically the type style of the text and the spatial arrangement of the text, illustrations, advertising material etc., on the page. [PJC]

8. (Printing) The art or process of arranging the portions of a printed publication on the pages for esthetic reasons or for optimal effect on the reader. [PJC]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.