cypripedia \cypripedia\ n. a plant or flower of the genus {Cypripedium}. [WordNet 1.5] ||

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • cypripedia — noun a plant or flower of the genus Cypripedium • Hypernyms: ↑orchid, ↑orchidaceous plant • Member Holonyms: ↑Cypripedium, ↑genus Cypripedium …   Useful english dictionary

  • cypripedium — [sip΄rə pē′dē əm] n. pl. cypripediums or cypripedia [sip΄rə pē′dēə] [ModL, lady slipper < Gr Kypris, Venus (lit., the Cyprian goddess) + podion, slipper, dim. < pous (gen. podis), FOOT] 1. any of a genus (Cypripedium) of soil rooted orchids …   English World dictionary

  • genus Cypripedium — noun genus of chiefly American perennial leafy stemmed orchids: lady s slippers; sometimes includes species of genus Paphiopedilum • Syn: ↑Cypripedium • Hypernyms: ↑monocot genus, ↑liliopsid genus • Member Holonyms: ↑Orchidaceae, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • orchidaceous plant — noun any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors • Syn: ↑orchid • Hypernyms: ↑flower • Hyponyms: ↑orchis, ↑aerides, ↑angrecum, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary