Mica Mi"ca, n. [L. mica crumb, grain, particle; cf. F. mica.] (Min.) The name of a group of minerals characterized by highly perfect cleavage, so that they readily separate into very thin leaves, more or less elastic. They differ widely in composition, and vary in color from pale brown or yellow to green or black. The transparent forms are used in lanterns, the doors of stoves, etc., being popularly called {isinglass}. Formerly called also {cat-silver}, and {glimmer}. [1913 Webster]

Note: The important species of the mica group are: {muscovite}, common or potash mica, pale brown or green, often silvery, including {damourite} (also called {hydromica} and {muscovy glass}); {biotite}, iron-magnesia mica, dark brown, green, or black; {lepidomelane}, iron, mica, black; {phlogopite}, magnesia mica, colorless, yellow, brown; {lepidolite}, lithia mica, rose-red, lilac. [1913 Webster] Mica (usually muscovite, also biotite) is an essential constituent of granite, gneiss, and mica slate; {biotite} is common in many eruptive rocks; {phlogopite} in crystalline limestone and serpentine. [1913 Webster]

{Mica diorite} (Min.), an eruptive rock allied to diorite but containing mica (biotite) instead of hornblende.

{Mica powder}, a kind of dynamite containing fine scales of mica.

{Mica schist}, {Mica slate} (Geol.), a schistose rock, consisting of mica and quartz with, usually, some feldspar. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

(faintly), , / (of faint, unsteady light), , / , , ,

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