Redhead Red"head` (-h?d`), n. 1. A person having red hair. [1913 Webster]

2. (Zo["o]l.) (a) An American duck ({Aythya Americana}) highly esteemed as a game bird. It is closely allied to the canvasback, but is smaller and its head brighter red. Called also {red-headed duck}. {American poachard}, {grayback}, and {fall duck}. See Illust. under {Poachard}. (b) The red-headed woodpecker. See {Woodpecker}. [1913 Webster]

3. (Bot.) A kind of milkweed ({Asclepias Curassavica}) with red flowers. It is used in medicine. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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