Hemp nettle

Hemp nettle
Hemp Hemp (h[e^]mp), n. [OE. hemp, AS. henep, h[ae]nep; akin to D. hennep, OHG. hanaf, G. hanf, Icel. hampr, Dan. hamp, Sw. hampa, L. cannabis, cannabum, Gr. ka`nnabis, ka`nnabos; cf. Russ. konoplia, Skr. [,c]a[.n]a; all prob. borrowed from some other language at an early time. Cf. {Cannabine}, {Canvas}.] 1. (Bot.) A plant of the genus {Cannabis} ({Cannabis sativa}), the fibrous skin or bark of which is used for making cloth and cordage. The name is also applied to various other plants yielding fiber. [1913 Webster]

2. The fiber of the skin or rind of the plant, prepared for spinning. The name has also been extended to various fibers resembling the true hemp. [1913 Webster]

{African hemp}, {Bowstring hemp}. See under {African}, and {Bowstring}.

{Bastard hemp}, the Asiatic herb {Datisca cannabina}.

{Canada hemp}, a species of dogbane ({Apocynum cannabinum}), the fiber of which was used by the Indians.

{Hemp agrimony}, a coarse, composite herb of Europe ({Eupatorium cannabinum}), much like the American boneset.

{Hemp nettle}, a plant of the genus {Galeopsis} ({Galeopsis Tetrahit}), belonging to the Mint family.

{Indian hemp}. See under {Indian}, a.

{Manila hemp}, the fiber of {Musa textilis}.

{Sisal hemp}, the fiber of {Agave sisalana}, of Mexico and Yucatan.

{Sunn hemp}, a fiber obtained from a leguminous plant ({Crotalaria juncea}).

{Water hemp}, an annual American weed ({Acnida cannabina}), related to the amaranth. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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