Horse mackerel

Horse mackerel
Mackerel Mack`er*el, n. [OF. maquerel, F. maquereau (LL. macarellus), prob. for maclereau, fr. L. macula a spot, in allusion to the markings on the fish. See {Mail} armor.] (Zo["o]l.) Any species of the genus {Scomber} of the family {Scombridae}, and of several related genera. They are finely formed and very active oceanic fishes. Most of them are highly prized for food. [1913 Webster]

Note: The common mackerel ({Scomber scombrus}), which inhabits both sides of the North Atlantic, is one of the most important food fishes. It is mottled with green and blue. The Spanish mackerel ({Scomberomorus maculatus}), of the American coast, is covered with bright yellow circular spots. [1913 Webster]

{Bull mackerel}, {Chub mackerel}. (Zo["o]l.) See under {Chub}.

{Frigate mackerel}. See under {Frigate}.

{Horse mackerel} . See under {Horse}.

{Mackerel bird} (Zo["o]l.), the wryneck; -- so called because it arrives in England at the time when mackerel are in season.

{Mackerel cock} (Zo["o]l.), the Manx shearwater; -- so called because it precedes the appearance of the mackerel on the east coast of Ireland.

{Mackerel guide}. (Zo["o]l.) See {Garfish} (a) .

{Mackerel gull} (Zo["o]l.) any one of several species of gull which feed upon or follow mackerel, as the kittiwake.

{Mackerel midge} (Zo["o]l.), a very small oceanic gadoid fish of the North Atlantic. It is about an inch and a half long and has four barbels on the upper jaw. It is now considered the young of the genus {Onos}, or {Motella}.

{Mackerel plow}, an instrument for creasing the sides of lean mackerel to improve their appearance. --Knight.

{Mackerel shark} (Zo["o]l.), the porbeagle.

{Mackerel sky}, or {Mackerel-back sky}, a sky flecked with small white clouds; a cirro-cumulus. See {Cloud}. [1913 Webster]

Mackerel sky and mare's-tails Make tall ships carry low sails. --Old Rhyme. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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