colorful colorful adj. 1. having striking color. Opposite of {colorless}.

Note: [Narrower terms: {changeable, chatoyant, iridescent, shot}; {deep, rich}; {flaming}; {fluorescent, glowing}; {prismatic}; {psychedelic}; {red, ruddy, flushed, empurpled}]

Syn: colourful. [WordNet 1.5]

2. striking in variety and interest. Opposite of {colorless} or {dull}. [Narrower terms: {brave, fine, gay, glorious}; {flamboyant, resplendent, unrestrained}; {flashy, gaudy, jazzy, showy, snazzy, sporty}; {picturesque}] [WordNet 1.5]

3. having color or a certain color; not black, white or grey; as, colored crepe paper. Opposite of {colorless} and {monochrome}.

Note: [Narrower terms: {tinted}; {touched, tinged}; {amber, brownish-yellow, yellow-brown}; {amethyst}; {auburn, reddish-brown}; {aureate, gilded, gilt, gold, golden}; {azure, cerulean, sky-blue, bright blue}; {bicolor, bicolour, bicolored, bicoloured, bichrome}; {blue, bluish, light-blue, dark-blue}; {blushful, blush-colored, rosy}; {bottle-green}; {bronze, bronzy}; {brown, brownish, dark-brown}; {buff}; {canary, canary-yellow}; {caramel, caramel brown}; {carnation}; {chartreuse}; {chestnut}; {dun}; {earth-colored, earthlike}; {fuscous}; {green, greenish, light-green, dark-green}; {jade, jade-green}; {khaki}; {lavender, lilac}; {mauve}; {moss green, mosstone}; {motley, multicolor, culticolour, multicolored, multicoloured, painted, particolored, particoloured, piebald, pied, varicolored, varicoloured}; {mousy, mouse-colored}; {ocher, ochre}; {olive-brown}; {olive-drab}; {olive}; {orange, orangish}; {peacock-blue}; {pink, pinkish}; {purple, violet, purplish}; {red, blood-red, carmine, cerise, cherry, cherry-red, crimson, ruby, ruby-red, scarlet}; {red, reddish}; {rose, roseate}; {rose-red}; {rust, rusty, rust-colored}; {snuff, snuff-brown, snuff-color, snuff-colour, snuff-colored, snuff-coloured, mummy-brown, chukker-brown}; {sorrel, brownish-orange}; {stone, stone-gray}; {straw-color, straw-colored, straw-coloured}; {tan}; {tangerine}; {tawny}; {ultramarine}; {umber}; {vermilion, vermillion, cinibar, Chinese-red}; {yellow, yellowish}; {yellow-green}; {avocado}; {bay}; {beige}; {blae bluish-black or gray-blue)}; {coral}; {creamy}; {cress green, cresson, watercress}; {hazel}; {honey, honey-colored}; {hued(postnominal)}; {magenta}; {maroon}; {pea-green}; {russet}; {sage, sage-green}; {sea-green}] [Also See: {chromatic}, {colored}, {dark}, {light}.]

Syn: colored, coloured, in color(predicate). [WordNet 1.5]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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