Fastidious Fas*tid"i*ous, a. [L. fastidiosus disdainful, fr. fastidium loathing, aversion, perh. fr. fastus arrogance (of uncertain origin) + taedium loathing. Cf. {Tedious}, {Fash}.] Difficult to please; delicate to a fault; suited with difficulty; squeamish; as, a fastidious mind or ear; a fastidious appetite. [1913 Webster]

Proud youth ! fastidious of the lower world. --Young.

Syn: Squeamish; critical; overnice; difficult; punctilious.

Usage: {Fastidious}, {Squeamish}. We call a person fastidious when his taste or feelings are offended by trifling defects or errors; we call him squeamish when he is excessively nice or critical on minor points, and also when he is overscrupulous as to questions of duty. ``Whoever examines his own imperfections will cease to be fastidious; whoever restrains his caprice and scrupulosity will cease to be squeamish.'' --Crabb. -- {Fas*tid"i*ous*ly}, adv. -- {Fas*tid"i*ous*ness}, n.

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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